Take action to educate and train your employees.

The Problem

Employees Are the Weakest Link

Cyber criminals intentionally target employees, referred to as the HUMAN ELEMENT, with increasingly sophisticated and effective Phishing and Ransomware attack schemes. This is the least defended and most profitable path to hold a company hostage. While businesses have spent considerable time and expense securing their physical perimeter defense technologies, they have not incorporated the HUMAN ELEMENT into their overall cybersecurity strategy.

Our Solution

How CyberAction Solutions Makes a Difference

We partner with you to mitigate the HUMAN ELEMENT risk of your cybersecurity strategy. Our program delivery methodology is complimented by an industry leading security awareness training and simulated phishing platform will educate, train and condition your employees to effectively combat cyber-crime.

Take action and shift the balance of power.

The Problem

Every Business is Under Attack

Cyber-crime is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry employing legions of hackers. These well-equipped, well-funded criminal organizations readily adapt and evolve through the changing global cyber defense landscape.

No one business or government is immune to their attacks. It is evident they have no regard for the impact or damage inflicted on your business. Given the enormous complexity and extent of the cybersecurity challenge, businesses have a measure of responsibility for promoting cyber defense resilience.

Our Solution

How CyberAction Solutions Helps You Gain an Advantage

Our awareness, education and training program will turn the tide in the fight against phishing and ransomware threats. Together, we condition and prepare your employees to detect and stop the REAL cyber-attacks. By understanding what to look for, employees are no longer your weakest link; instead they reduce the advantage currently held by the cyber criminals.

Act now to strengthen your security defenses.

The Problem

Security Strategies Need to Evolve

Cyber criminals are evolving faster and innovating quicker than the good guys. There is a rapidly growing gap in the skills and expertise between attackers and defenders. Traditional Cyber Defense strategies do not include the HUMAN ELEMENT. Industry experts contend that security awareness training is regarded as an effective strategy to combat cyber-attacks, yet is also known to be one of the most poorly implemented security strategies. Businesses that take no action will only increase their risk of being exploited.

Our Solution

How CyberAction Solutions Enables You To Evolve

We partner with you to address the missing element in your security defense strategy – an effective awareness, education and training program. We are confident that our program solution will strengthen your defense strategy and give your employees the edge and knowledge required in the fight against the cyber criminals.

Employees can act as an effective last line of defense.

The Good News

Employees Can Make the Difference

There is a growing trend of progressive thinking organizations that are learning, adapting, and building the right level of competency to address the HUMAN ELEMENT. Forward-thinking organizations are reducing the advantage cyber criminals have against their employees. By enlisting employees in their security strategy, they will make a difference in the fight against cyber-crime. They take action by training users appropriately and embracing a cybersecurity mindset.

Our Role

How CyberAction Solutions Enables a Cybersecurity Mindset

Our program will unleash the power of your employees to think, then act against cyber criminals. It will train, condition, and elevate their awareness to detect and stop cyber-threats. By encouraging, reinforcing and incenting the right behavior your employees will embrace a Cybersecurity Mindset.

Being a Victim is Not an Option

Let’s work together to combat cyber-crime.