Our Vision and Our Team

CyberAction Solutions aspires to be the trusted partner and advisor in strengthening our customers’ cybersecurity defense framework and transforming their employees into highly effective cyber-crime fighters.

Jeremy Fennessy

Jeremy Fennessy


Jeremy has helped shape culture and lead technology driven solutions for multiple organizations in the Chicagoland area. His foundation is in network security and extends to business process management and employee engagement. Having worn multiple hats over the years, both in the client and consulting roles, Jeremy strives to provide simplified solutions to clients who already have enough on their plates.

Jeremy has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree from Elmhurst College.

Glenn Middlekauf

Glenn Middlekauff


Glenn has led and delivered a vast array of complex and innovative technology and business process improvement transformation projects across multiple industries. As an architect of change, he has assisted C-suite and Boards shape and execute the rights strategies and solutions in environments of complexity and uncertainty.  Glenn’s passion for cybersecurity was honed at his previous company where he delivered a comprehensive security framework and plan to make the organization more resilient against the vastly evolving and sophisticated spectrum of cybercrime.

Glenn has his Master’s Certification in Project Management from George Washington University, and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Being a Victim is Not an Option

Let’s work together to combat cyber-crime.