The Human Element

The Human Element in the cybersecurity equation denotes the employees of an organization that are falling victim to all the cyber threats created by very well organized, well-funded cybercriminal networks. This equates into a significant enterprise-wide risk that needs to be addressed by organizations that do not have a formal cyber education and training program in place for their employees.

Employees do not have adequate knowledge or training to make better judgement on what to do with the emails they receive, how they use the web, and the links they click in social media. They fall prey to cyber-attacks by clicking on links or opening attachments without considering the impact of their actions.

Addressing the Human Element

CyberAction Solutions addresses the weakest link of existing cyber defense strategies, the Human Element. Our program will train and condition your employees to become cyber-fit crime fighters, able to effectively combat cyber criminals from breaching your security defenses.

The foundation of our program combines interactive training with real-world simulated phishing tests, which strengthens and reinforces cyber defense techniques and skills to build a more resilient organization with security top of mind.

Being a Victim is Not an Option

Let’s work together to combat cyber-crime.